Shinshinim L’Tucson 2017/2018


What are Shinshinim?

For a second year the Weintraub Israel Center, in collaboration with Tucson’s Congregations and agencies, are proud to bring the Shinshinim L’Tucson 2017/2018 program to the Tucson community once again.


Shinshinim is an acronym for shnat sherut, meaning a year of service. The program brings recent high school graduates from Israel to nurture close relationships with their host communities in Tucson.


Who are Tamir and Chen?

Tamir Shecory is from a small village in Kfar Harif, Israel. Tamir’s major in High School was chemistry and he enjoys art and drawing as well. For the past four years, he has been part of a youth movement in his hometown spending a lot of time with younger aged children and working on events for his community. He enjoys sports and photography.


Chen Dinazi is from the town of Shoham in Israel. Chen’s major in High School was chemistry and biotechnology. She is very passionate about biotechnology research and finding a cure for fatal diseases. She has been a scout counselor for 3 years and was fortunate to guide young children on many adventures. She is currently in charge of younger special needs counselors and helping them overcome obstacles. What brings her the most joy is dancing, which she has done since she was 3 years of age. She listens to music and plays piano almost every day.

Chen Dinatzi


First Name: Chen Last Name: Dinatzi - (Female)



PHONE NUMBER: 0546776975


ME AND MY FAMILY:  Welcome to the Dintazi family, allow me to introduce you to 3 of my closest people, Bat-Sheva, Moshe & Aviv Dinatzi.

First and foremost, my beloved parents - BatSheva and Moshe. My mom, BatSheva, ls a management & human resources major, and one of the kindest people I know. She was born and raised in Haifa and is currently working for a biotechnology company called Compugen. My dad, Moshe, (the comedian of the family) was born in Tel Aviv and got his degree in Economics & Business Administration.He is now running a business for importing & manufacturing housewares. After they got married, my parents moved to a small suburb called Shoham, where I live. Last but not least, Aviv, my 20 year old brother, who I admire and is currently a soldier in the army.

MAJOR IN HIGH SCHOOL:  In my high school, there are mandatory subjects such as math, English, literature etc. Besides those, you can choose to major in 2 other subjects.When given the choice, I decided to major in Chemistry & Biotechnology. Personally, I believe that Biotechnology is one of the most developing branches in science currently, and that's due to the urgency of finding a cure to fatal diseases. I love research and the ability to help people. Biotechnology combines both. That's the main reason I study it. Chemistry however, isn't new at all. Despite that, I love understanding processes in an extensive way, and that's what Chemistry is all about.

MY HADRACHA & VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE:  So, how do I start? l've been a scouts counselor for 3 years now, and was lucky to guide three amazing groups, one of lovely 11 year old girls, one of hilarious 10 year old boys, and one of the marvelous special needs children from ages 9-12. Nowadays I am in charge of younger special needs counselors, checking their activities and helping them overcome obstacles. In addition, l was the camp director in a camp my delegation initiated in Savannah, GA, and have been a coach at my dance studio for 2 years now.

MY HOBBIES 1 on MY FREE TIME:  Between school and work,l tend to keep myself quite busy,l dance 3 times a week since I was only 3 years old,l 'm in the scouts every Tuesday and Friday, and I play the piano almost every day.For as long as I can remember, music has been a great love to me, playing the piano means understanding music in the most fundamental way and I think that's what I love most about it. My love to music also relates to the dance part of my life, I love dancing because it's a very pure form of expression, which is also healthy and fun.My actions in the scouts are driven by my faith in informal education. I believe that the scouts is a very good frame for kids and teenagers because it puts emphasis on great important values and helps raise the next generations

MY DESIRED ROLE IN THE ARMY:  When my time to join the army would come, I would like to serve as a paramedic.

I believe in making your time in the army as meaningful as possible, and that everyone needs to serve where they can be the greatest asset to the IDF. Due to my high interest in medicine, biology and the ability to help others, I think it will be the perfect spot for me to shine in and give my best. 

MY EXPERIENCE VISITING OR LIVING OUTSIDE of ISRAEL:  My first time in a delegation was in the 8th grade,l was part of a delegation to Belgium on behalf of the was called Jambee and it gathered youth from all over the world for a week to cooperate in various activities.

To the second delegation, I went on the 10th grade, it was called J-TAG and it included 27 Jewish teenagers from America & Israel, assembled for 2 weeks of traveling in Israel followed by 2 weeks of volunteering & traveling in America.Most of the teens, from both countries, are some of my best friends & we often visit each other.The last Delegation was just last year when my school had it's annual Poland journey for the 11th grade.The Holocaust memory is a very important matter to me and being in Poland was very meaningful.

THREE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT ISRAEL:  Israel is a very unique place to live in. One of my favorite things about it is the Israeli peoplehood. True, Israelis are not the most polite people on earth, but the warmth & proximity we have is something I appreciate very dearly.From making eye contact to helping with your flat tire, We have a sense of community that will make you feel right at home.Another great feature about Israel would be its marvelous variety of views. In only a 5 hour drive from one end of the country to the other, you can run into green mountains with snow covered summits, sunny sandy beaches & even a desert.Last but not least, is the Israeli music.Being such a diverse society, Israeli music borrows ideas from different cultures &combines them into something new & beautiful.

THREE THINGS ABOUT ISRAEL I'D LIKE TO SEE CHANGED:  Being an amazing country, Israel still has a lot of issues, for instance, the rifts between various segments of the population. Whether it's about religion or ethnic origin, some disagreements in the Israeli society seem like they may never be solved believe that if we could work those out, a lot of Israel's foreign affairs will be easier to manage. Secondly, I would like to change the security situation here. Seeing how many young folks are losing their lives to keep our country safe is unbearable, and it is in our best interest to end this conflict.

To top that, the way Israel treats holocaust survivors can be majorly improved in my opinion,& as a Jewish country, I think we should aspire to help the people who've been through these atrocities.

The most common answer - the food! Nothing taste like Israeli food! Unity, I think that we are the only country that when there is a terror attack, the people running to the area of the attack to help and not the other way. I've always said that Israel is the world gathering together to smallest and more beautiful country. Although this is the Jewish State, any citizen who feels a connection to Israel is "one of us" regardless of his religion or race.

My Hobbies: Art; I love to make pieces and paint, hiking with my friends, especially in places with rivers, watching plays, photography I love to take pictures of my family and make a beautiful and fun editing, I love to read books and sometimes I write.

Tamir Shecory


First Name: Tamir

Last Name: Shecory 

HOMETOWN: Kfar Harif


PHONE NUMBER: 0545314162


ME AND MY FAMILY:  My name is Tamir Shecory and I live in Israel in a small village or in Hebrew: a "moshav", called Kfar Harif. Although I live in Israel now a day I was actually born in Portland, Oregon. My family and I relocated to Portland twice as part as my dad's job as an Intel engineer, once in 1998, when I was born, and the second time in 2006 when I was in second grade. Now I live with my mom, dad and my two sisters. My mother, Iris has been a teacher for the past 26 years, my dad- Richard is an Intel employee for about 30 years. My sisters, Shani and Adi are both older than me, Adi has recently finished her fourth year in the army as a Special operations officer and Shani has just finished her academic studies as a Pilates instructor

MAJOR IN HIGH SCHOOL:  In my free time I draw and sketch a lot, I have been drawing since I was very young and I learned art in my school as my extended course, my second extended course is chemistry, I chose to take art and chemistry because I feel like those two options reflect my personality and my abilities. I believe that in order to succeed and develop as a person, I need to be able to grow and evolve in a number of different fields and I try to do so as much as I can throughout my life.

MY HADRACHA & VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE:  This has been my fourth year as a part of the youth movement in my moshav and I consoled second, fifth and fourth graders and I enjoyed it very much, this year I am the volunteering specialist is my moshav and as part of that I organize volunteering events for the community and staff. As a counselor, I used to come to the community center twice a week, once to organize our activities and the second time to actually counsel my group of kids.l was also a counselor at the JCC camp in Lehigh Valley.

MY HOBBIES 1 on MY FREE TIME:  I like doing sports whenever I can and I have been playing volleyball since fourth grade. I also really enjoy drawing, sculpting, photography or pretty much anything that includes arts and I try to include arts and crafts in my weekly activities. I also enjoy reading very much and I read English and Hebrew books almost every night. In addition I have been playing guitar for about four years and I really like playing music and listening to music. One bit weird hobby I have is learning languages and I study French with my father and grandmother, a little Spanish with my friends and I hope to learn more languages in the future. I also like juggling and traveling with my friends and family

MY DESIRED ROLE IN THE ARMY:  In the army I hope to serve in the intelligence corp. I wish to serve in the intelligence corp because I want to tribute to my country as much as I can and I think that I will fulfill my potential serving there and that I have the discipline and motivation to do so. In addition, like I mentioned before, I am really interested in learning new languages - hopefully as part of my training. I am also very interested in the kind of information that the intelligence soldiers are exposed to so I feel like I benefit from this role because I get to bring a lot of my skills to the table, learn new things and of course tribute to my country in a meaningful way

MY EXPERIENCE VISITING OR LIVING OUTSIDE of ISRAEL:  I really enjoy traveling with my family, we like traveling in Israel and abroad, we have visited a lot of different countries around the world. I mostly liked France because my dad's cousins live there and so my dad and I visited them and I got to strengthen my French and in addition, I got to see many amazing cities. I was born in Portland, Oregon and also lived there for a year during second grade, I felt like I fitted in rather quickly and that that year had helped me become a more mature and confident person. I was also a part of a delegation through my council to Lehigh Valley PA and there I lived with four different hosting families and I was a counselor at the JCC camp in the area, it was an amazing and unforgettable journey.


*The warmth of the Israeli people-I feel at home in my country and I don't take that for granted. I love how we always care for each other and help each other in time of need, I see the Israeli society as very friendly and warm society.

*Our unity as a country despite the differences and struggles- the Israeli society is split to many different kinds of people and opinion, but in a time of need we all come together and fight for our country and the citizens in it (both physically or mentally).

*Innovation- as a country and as individuals, the state of Israel endorses innovation and to prove it, Israel had earned the title "start-up nation" that's thanks to the vast number of start-ups projects, and that's something to be proud of


*Tolerance-I think that although we are a very open-minded society we also need to learn to listen and accept each other more despite our disagreements because we are a very diverse population and we are all equal.

*Environmental awareness-I love to travel in Israel and I go hiking or to the beach quite often but it hurts me to see that some people don't really care about *the environment and are damaging our beautiful country with waste.

*Too many pupils in one class-this issue seems irrelevant, but in my point of view and thanks to the fact that my mom is a teacher I understand that this issue may Couse pupils to become Impatient and get less individual attention and in my opinion that's an issue because everything starts with education.