Birthright Israel

Looking to have the time of your life in Israel with people who you can hang out with in your city once you return home? You're in luck!Take a much-needed break from the ordinary and go on an adventure that will be like nothing else you've ever experienced with Phoenix/Tucson area young adults.


With flights leaving from Los Angeles, it is now easier than ever to travel to Israel for free with our community on Birthright Israel!


The Tucson community has been leading a community Birthright Israel trip for a number of years. Generous donors in the Tucson area specifically came together to raise the funds necessary to support forty participants on Birthright, specifically from the Tucson area, in addition to Israeli participants for the entire 10 days through our brand-new trip organizer, Shorashim.


On this dynamic 10-day adventure, you’ll get to explore Israel with members of your community while spending the entire 10-day trip with awesome Israelis your own age, ensuring that your experience is amazing and authentic. From living it up in Tel Aviv, floating in the Dead Sea and soaking in the suns, to taking breathtaking hikes, camel trekking, and participating in an incredible social action project in your community’s partnership region, your days will be filled with fun, excitement, and adventure. Get ready to experience the history of Jerusalem, deliciousness of local cuisine, beauty of waterfalls and desert canyons, comfort of a night under the stars in Bedouin hospitality, and so much more, all while creating memories of a lifetime and expanding your local network on Ultimate Adventure With Israelis with Shorashim!

Birthright Israel aims to change the course of Jewish history and ensure the continuity of the Jewish people by strengthening Jewish identity, Jewish communities, and solidarity with Israel via an educational trip to Israel for Jewish young adults around the world. The Birthright Israel trip is a FREE 10 day trip in Israel for eligible, Jewish young adults ages 18-26. Through exploration of Jewish history, Israeli culture, and spiritual connections, young adults strengthen their own identity and return to the United States more engaged, interested, and enthused to be active members of their Jewish community.

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