Southern Arizona Jewish Community Calendar

Welcome to our community calendar, a collection of events from organizations, agencies, and synagogues in our Southern Arizona Jewish community! If you have questions about how to navigate this calendar, or would like to submit, please visit our "How to" page.


  • Jewish holidays are marked on this calendar starting on the day of the evening they begin and ending on the last full day (e.g., if Hanukkah begins at sunset on Dec. 10 and ends at sunset on Dec. 17, it will be marked on the calendar as Dec. 10-17). 
  • Events that recur appear on the calendar only on their first date. There may be ongoing classes, book clubs, or other events that are not visible immediately when you arrive on this page. To find recurring events, sort by the category "Recurring" and change the date range to include events from the past month or even few months.



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