How to Use the Southern Arizona Jewish Community Calendars


This short tutorial will assist you in reading and submitting to our calendars.


Note: the Federation hosts two different calendars on our website. This tutorial primarily concerns the community calendar. However, the two utilize the same software.

  • Community calendar: Events happening in the Jewish community, including adult education classes, fundraisers, and holiday celebrations.
  • Planning calendar: An internal calendar used for Jewish communal professionals only.

Reading the Calendar

Calendar Views

Our community calendar defaults to the tile view. Click on the icon on the top right to toggle between different calendar styles to find the one that suits your needs. There are five different options to choose from.

Calendar Categories

Most events have been given a category. Use the dropdown menu to select and filter by the category that you are interested in viewing.

Calendar Organizers and Venues

In addition to sorting by category, you can also filter by organizer or venue. Simply use the dropdown and select the organizer or venue of interest.

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Submitting to the Calendar


The Southern Arizona Jewish Community calendars and newsflash are essential elements of the Federation’s commitment to promoting active engagement in Jewish life. We are proud to live in a community that offers diverse, enriching, and meaningful experiences to all who are interested. We encourage all agencies, organizations, and synagogues who are holding events with Jewish content and connections to submit them to our website calendar. Agencies and organizations from the broader community who co-sponsor these events are also invited and welcome to participate in this calendar.

Using the Submission Form

To submit your event, click on the "+ Add Event" button at the top of the calendar. A dialogue box like the one at left will pop up. You will need to fill in every field in order to submit your event. If you do not see the information you need in a specific dropdown (e.g., organizer), please feel free to add new information.

Community Calendar Guidelines

  • Only complete submissions will be accepted. In order to be complete, an event must include the following:
    • Title
    • Date & time
    • Image:
      • Preferably a square JPG.
      • Repeat images, particularly for events happening sequentially or within one or two months of each other will not be accepted. Please choose unique images for each event.
    • Organizer
    • Venue
    • Category
    • Description
  • It may take up to 2 business days for your content to appear on the calendar. (For those with backend access: up to 3 hours.)
  • Submitters are responsible for the accuracy of their content.
  • This calendar is not meant for regularly occurring events, such as Shabbat services, unless there is a unique aspect to a particular date, such as ones with a theme, special topic or speaker. To advertise a recurring event, please post the first event and include in the description information about the recurrence.
    • Events in a series can be posted in one of two ways:
      • Post a single event with an extended date range (e.g., Hanukkah 2020 is posted with the dates Dec. 10 - Dec. 17.)
      • Post individual events with individual descriptions, images, and other distinguishing characteristics (e.g., the first movie in the JCC International Film Festival is posted on X date with the title of the movie, date, time, description, and unique image. The next move follows the same protocol.)
  • The Federation reserves the right to moderate or decline any submitted events.


Newsflash Guidelines

  • The newsflash is sent every Monday at 10 am. To ensure that your event is included, please submit it by EOD Friday from the front end, or 7 am Monday from the back end.
  • All community calendar events for the next month will be included in the weekly newsflash email.
  • The Federation reserves the right to edit content to fit the format of the send. This may happen immediately before the newsflash, resulting in the event not being included in the weekly email.


Planning Calendar Guidelines

  • The planning calendar is for internal coordination purposes only.
  • Please indicate in the description if the expected attendance is greater than 25 individuals.
  • Events falling between sundown Friday and sundown Saturday, or the eve of or on Holy Days are not placed on the calendar.
  • The Federation will attempt to catch potential overlapping events and notify the submitters, but will not resolve any resultant conflicts.
  • Recurring events should follow the protocols outlined in the community calendar guidelines above.