Center for Jewish Philanthropy of Southern Arizona

Board of Directors 2021-2022



Bruce Ash, Co-Chair

Anne Hameroff, Co-Chair

Liz Kanter-Groskind, Vice Chair

Aaron Rottenstein, Vice Chair

Ben Silverman, Treasurer/Secretary

Deborah Oseran, Immediate Past Chair


Morgan Abraham

Jeff Artzi

Madeline Friedman

Elizabeth Friman

Danny Gasch

Leah Geistfeld

Leslie Glaze

Debbie Goodman

Josh Hurand Z''L

Jeff Jacobson

Karen Katz

Helaine Levy

Lisa Lovallo

Ann Lovell

Jonathan Rothschild

Jeremy Sharpe

Scott Sheftel

Shelly Silverman

The Center for Jewish Philanthropy Board of Directors serves as a governance body for both the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. Its creation was approved at the Annual Meeting on May 13, 2021. Watch the video of this important meeting here.